Factory Farm or Family Farm? You decide.

Here’s a few fun facts for you (according to the 2012 Census of Agriculture):

– Between 2007 & 2013, the amount of land in farms in the United States declined from 922 million acres to 915 million acres.

– In 2012, the average farm size was 434 acres.

– From 2007 to 2012, the percent of farms with sales and government payments of $1 million or more increased, but most farms in the United States are small- 75 percent had sales of less than $50,000 in 2012.

– In 2012, the average age of principal farm operators was 58.3 years, up 1.2 years since 2007, and continuing a 30-year trend of steady increase. Only 6% of principal farm operators are under 35 years old.

Lately, there has been a lot of negative talk about “factory farms.” Our culture has such a huge disconnect from their food source and a small number of very vocal people are making a fuss about these farms. The truth is, 98% of farms are owned and operated by families. My husband and brother-in-law are business partners, operators, and the owners of our farm. We work along with their parents as the forth generation on the very same land. While the next generation hasn’t been born yet, I know we all hope they will also have the opportunity to farm if that’s their dream.


(This is a picture of Colby and his siblings and father from the 90’s. We still farm this same land.)

Perhaps you have seen this meme put out by the Organic Consumers Association and you’ve heard that independent journalist Will Potter headed a Kickstarter fundraiser to launch drones to expose factory farms in which he raised his $30 000 goal in five days and he’s currently petitioning for more money for an increased goal of $95 000. His motivation is to show what factory farms are hiding with ag-gag laws by flying overhead with drones to capture images and do investigative reporting.  How would you like to be spied on where you work, or more importantly on your land and at your home?

Sarah from Nurse Loves Farmer & The Farmer’s Wifee have challenged advocates and farmers to post pictures of their farms. They have started a campaign to share the truth behind the aerial photos, the truth behind the farms, the truth in which shows almost all farms in fact are family farms. You want the truth, just ask the farmers. We have nothing to hide. So I ask you this, is our farm a “family farm” or a “factory farm”. You can decide for yourself.


Join us! Share your blog posts, photos, etc. Make sure to use the hash tag, #MyFamilyFarm and #FactoryFarm to get the view from there too.

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Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] - I love this so much, Marla! Beautifully written and you are so right—a small amount of people are VERY loud are making a big fuss over something they know nothing about. Thanks for linking up!

Krista (The Farmer's Wifee) - So excited to see you join in! Thank you!

Kris Weber - I don’t have a blog, but I do instagram. I live on a cattle ranch in Nebraska, we folks are 3rd generation cattle producers, and the ranch has been in the family for over 100 yrs. I consider us a family owned and operated ranch, but people don’t understand, that the cattle we raise go to the big feedlots, we sell them right off the cow in Sept/Oct, and the cattle buyer buys them for feedlots. I usually get a few pictures of us haying, moving cattle horse back, or the day to day upkeep of the ranch life.

[email protected] fresh fun - Thank you so much for this series. Hopped n hopped from FB and found you lovely bloggers sharing the #MyFamilyFarm. LOve your photography! We were not farmers, but metro DC country wannabes. I’m a horse trainer and hubby was a builder. We found our dream life through tons of hard work and feel so blessed. Although we only have 115 acres, we want to educate friends n family about all farm family struggles.

164/365- 169/365.

164/365: Freaky Friday. Since it was both Friday the 13th and a full moon, I decided to take this silly picture of Justice. He’s such a goober.sm120140613-LP9A5960justice165/365: Lake time! Today, I went to the lake. This is my sister’s Jamey & Ashley on the tube.


 166/365: Dana & Trey. I hurried home from the lake for this beautiful engagment session. I will do a full blog post for them soon. Let’s just say, this is one of my favorites ever! (My newest session is always my favorite! Ha.)

sm120140615-LP9A6294dana&trey167/365: J-Bird. Jamey is on Summer Break and got to come home with me this week. We always have such a good time together.


168/365: Jump in! Today, I took Jamey to the pool!


169/365: Twenty-eight day corn. Today, I took another update on the corn growing progress. It has shot up since my last update at twelve days post planting. I will be doing a full update next week!


It’s been a good week and I’m really enjoying sharing my pictures each Friday! I’m even almost completely caught up with my editing! This NEVER ever happens to me. I better get out and take some more pictures!

Nurse Loves Farmer

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Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] - I love it “I’m caught up on editing…this never happens…must take more pictures!” 🙂

I love the pic of your dog! What lens? It looks “warped” but in a good way (don’t know proper terminology to use!) Grow corn grow!

Branson - That first one cracked me up! We love lake time! We were there again this week ourselves 🙂

Project 2014: Week 20 (More Farming).

This year, I am excited to capture my daily pictures and life using digital project life. Each year, I design scrapbook pages in Photoshop and then print them in a photo book at the end of the year. These photo books are one of my favorite things in the world. It’s fantastic to have my pictures in print, where I can happily flip through them.

Today, I will be sharing week 20. This time of year, the weeks all pretty much look the same. Here’s another busy week of corn planting and farming.


Week of: May 12- 18.

What happened this week: We had an unfortunate cold snap, Colby really needed a hair cut and lots of farming. On Sunday, I tried to step the excitment level up by almost stepping on a snake while on a walk. It was scary.


Anything special in this spread: I really like the colors in the kit and LOVED all the journal cards I used. Fun stuff!


Overall thoughts: I’m still really loving this project!

Supplies used: Templates by Traci Reed :: Let’s Chalk About It {months} by Erica Zane :: Count the Days: Volume 2 by Sugarplum Paperie :: Life as we know it by Sugarplum Paperie & Sahlin Studio :: Life as we know it cards by Sugarplum Paperie & Sahlin Studio :: Everyday Basics: Stamps by Zoe Pearn.

Project 2014: Week 19 (Mother’s Day).

This year, I am excited to capture my daily pictures and life using digital project life. Each year, I design scrapbook pages in Photoshop and then print them in a photo book at the end of the year. These photo books are one of my favorite things in the world. It’s fantastic to have my pictures in print, where I can happily flip through them.

Today, I will be sharing the week of 19 which covers more corn planting and Mother’s Day. Those two events pretty much covers the entire week. It was busy but also quite boring.

blog-week19Week of: May 5-11.

What happened this week: A whole bunch of normal- grocery shopping and corn harvest. On Friday, Ashley and I went to Amarillo for a little Mother’s Day gathering. We had lots of fun playing with Sam & Gavin. On Sunday, I was a tour guide for Grammy & her cousin Linda. It was a pretty good week.


Anything special in this spread: I played a lot with the pictures on the left side, spreading horizontal pictures across two 3x4s. I like the look a lot.


Overall thoughts: I am still loving this project, enjoying getting caught up and looking forward to seeing it all printed next year.

Supplies used: Templates by Traci Reed :: Hello Darling by Sugarplum Paperie :: Let’s Chalk About It {months} by Erica Zane :: Pipsqueak Print by Darcy Baldwin :: Yard Sale Alpha by Sugarplum Paperie :: Wanderlust by Zoe Pearn :: Little Sew & Sew Lines by Erica Zane :: Lifetime Check It Journal Card Template by Julie Billingsley :: Everyday Memories: Two by Sugarplum Paperie.


156/365- 162/365.

156/365: Working that ground. Colby worked hard today to try to get as much land plowed as possible before another weekend of rain. We aren’t used to all this awesome moisture and it’s making life quite enjoyable!sm120140605-LP9A4419plowing

157/365: Shayla & Glenn’s Big Day. Today, I had the great pleasure of photographing Shayla and Glenn’s beautiful wedding. It was a little exciting since we were under tornado warning and it rained during the reception, but everything turned out perfectly and I am so happy with the pictures.


158/365: Buddy’s Birthday.  Since it was too wet to farm (yay), we ran to the lake for our friend Buddy’s birthday. We had a lot of fun and I even got a little nap!


159/365: Another storm. We had more rain pop up this evening. It was a little scary and even brought a little hail. Luckily, it didn’t damage the crops too bad. I’m sharing three pictures because I couldn’t just pick one.


160/365: Baseball pictures. Tonight, I took my annual baseball pictures. There are Colby’s cousins’ little boys and they are cute as can be!


161/365: Freshly mowed. Today, I took a break from editing wedding pictures to mow my grass. It was so tall I started to joke that we were going to have to bail it. I could get used to this rain thing.
162/365: Dry Land Corn. Remember last week when I posted we were done with corn planting? It appears that I was wrong; six inches of rain in three weeks convinced my husband that we should put in a little dry land corn. Our area typically doesn’t get enough rain for dry land corn, so this is a giant gamble. Fingers crossed that it keeps raining!
I will be back next week with more daily pictures! Thanks for visiting!
Nurse Loves Farmer

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Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com] - I can’t just pick one of those pics either—gorgeous! Hooray for rain, we are praying that our 90% chance of rain today forecast is accurate!

Candice - Wow, you got some great sky shots this week. So pretty! Not many places around me that are so wide open so I’m always in awe when I see that. 🙂

Branson - I am photographing a wedding next month for the first time and I am so stinking nervous! I always said I would never do it, but I just couldn’t say no, lol.

Carrie - That rainbow is awesome