Project 2014: Week 21 (Rain. Farming. Thunder.)

This year, I am excited to capture my daily pictures and life using digital project life. Each year, I design scrapbook pages in Photoshop and then print them in a photo book at the end of the year. These photo books are one of my favorite things in the world. It’s fantastic to have my pictures in print, where I can happily flip through them.

Today, I will be sharing week twenty-one. This week was full of planting corn and farm work. Uniquely enough, it also started raining this week- something quite glorious and amazing. Our weekend was a little more laid back because of the rain and we were able to go to Guymon for a movie and watch our basketball team, the OKC Thunder, play in the play-offs.


Week of: May 19-25.

What happened this week: Lots of farming, I started developing quite the sock tan line, some wheat blew down, Colby farmed for thirty six + hours straight, the Thunder continued their playoff run, and it rained! A lot.


Anything special in this spread: I love these watercolor cards by Erica Zane. They are so bright and happy and awesome.


Overall thoughts: I’m really enjoying this project and am actually almost caught up. You can’t tell because I’m behind on blogging, but I will worry about that later.

Supplies used: Templates by Traci Reed :: Let’s Chalk About It {months} by Erica Zane :: Sew Colorful v. 2 by Erica Zane :: Sweet Simplicity: Bundle by Sugarplum Paperie :: Happy Thoughts by Erica Zane :: Sew Many More Words by Erica Zane :: Tab, you’re it by Erica Zane.

Wheat harvest 2014 is finished!

By the time we finish any harvest, we are usually worn completely out and totally over it. The hours are long, the work is hard, and by the end we are usually all getting grumpy. For us, wheat harvest isn’t nearly as bad as corn, but this year’s seemed to drag on for forever.

Luckily, that’s all in the past now because wheat harvest is over! The crew worked through the holiday weekend (which stinks) but at least it’s all over now. Colby and Travis will be very busy for the next week or so working the wheat ground. They like to plow as soon as the crop is cut because it helps to keep the weeds down and maintain moisture in the ground.

Anyway, enough of my blabbering… You’re probably here for pictures. Here’s some more from wheat harvest:


177/365- 183/365.

Hi everyone! It’s time for another of my weekly 365 posts! I realized recently that I passed the 4 year mark on my 365 project… That’s almost 1500 days recorded with a simple picture! I have all these picture printed out in photo books and they are so fun to go back and look at. Surprisingly, I remember so much from this one little project. Anyway, let’s get to this week’s pictures!

177/365: Cutting wheat. Today, my little nephew Samuel spent the night so of course he had to go ride with Uncle Coby. They had a lot of fun and kicked me out of the combine.


178/365: Park fun. Ashley and I took Samuel to the park for a morning of fun. I pretty much love four year olds.


179/365: Dumping. On this evening, my sister in law handled dinner and I went and rode along with Colby.


180/365: Sunday Funday. Today consisted of photo editing, house cleaning, an evening walk and watching Orange in the New Black while playing with my new Erin Condren Life Planner. I’m such a paper nerd.


181/365: Grass Fire! Today, we had a crazy thunder/wind/lightening storm that sparked a grass fire near our farm. This was a first for this farm wife and quite exciting. It was almost dark so my picture isn’t the best, but it was quite scary for a while. Luckily, it sprinkled enough to put the flames out.


182/365: Knee High by the Forth of July. At forty-one days post planting, this circle of corn is right on track and looking beautiful. I decided that I was going to need a farmer to model just how tall it was getting.


183/365: Feeding the world. This was another first for me- my first day of driving the grain cart in wheat. I’ve helped a lot with corn harvest, but never wheat. Well, that all changed today and I was so surprised by how different the two crops were. I survived the day, didn’t break any equipment or spill any crop so it was quite the success in my book! 🙂


I will be back next week with more pictures! Oh and Happy Forth of July to my American folks!

Nurse Loves Farmer

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Wheat harvest 2014.

Wheat harvest 2014 is here… Well, actually it’s been here off and on for about ten days. It always takes a while for the wheat to be completely dry and we’ve had a lot of humidity. Last week, I brought dinner out on three different nights right as a storm blew up and stopped the entire operation.

For the last two days, they have been rolling steady, getting lots of wheat cut. It’s nice to get the crop out of the field and into the safety of the grain bins where it cannot get hailed out or blown over. Here’s the few pictures I’ve captured so far… Hopefully I will get a lot more tonight and tomorrow.


Harvest can be pretty exhausting, but it’s so nice to see the result of many months of hard work come to head. Plus, we had a very weird Spring and a super late hard freeze, so we are pretty blessed to even have this crop. Farming is always an adventure.

170/365- 176/365.

170/365: Home run. My nephew Samuel, vowed that he would make a home run if we came to watch him play t-ball.  He got a little too excited and ended up falling on his behind! I think he might have been trying a little too hard!


171/365: Wheat harvest. Today, we started to cut wheat. It wasn’t really dry but we tried to cut anyway.


172/365: Rained out. Today, they were able to get some cutting done, but we were rained about about the time I arrived with dinner. Colby and I enjoyed a drive around the farm to check rain gauges.


173/365: Wind storm. Today, it was too wet to cut. I helped Colby in the morning and then we had a relaxing Sunday at home. We caught a wind storm when we came back to check sprinklers.


174/365: Joe. Once again, I brought dinner out the harvest crew right as they were quitting due to high humidity and rain. Luckily, our old farm cat, Joe, decided to pose for me. He’s sometimes a grumpy guy, so I was glad to catch this one.


 175/365: Wheat harvest. Finally. Another night of me arriving with dinner right as the crew was shutting down, but I did get a shot of the action. Things are going really slow this wheat harvest. Hopefully it will dry up and speed up soon.


 176/365: Sleepy Boy. After a long day of running around, cooking lunch for the crew, and cleaning house, Justice and I were both exhausted by evening.


I will be back next week with more pictures!

Nurse Loves Farmer

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