The Frazee Kiddos (Oklahoma & Colorado Children’s Photograher)

I think this is the fourth time I’ve photographed this family and I enjoy them more and more each time. The kids posed like little models last week and I was able to knock this session out in record time. And then I bragged about how good and cute they were to everyone I talked to the next day!




Aren’t they just adorable?! I love that I get the opportunity to watch them group up behind my lens!

213/365- 218/365.

Another week has already passed. This week, I’m out of town, so today’s post will be short a few pictures since I had to schedule it ahead of time. I am pretty proud of the shots that I did capture this week though!

213/365: Gavin Cole. Today, my nephew’s Samuel & Gavin came over for a few hours. Of course that meant a little photo shoot with Gavin. I love how these pictures came out!


214/365: Every light in the barn is on… This is a pretty common sight in the summer around our farm! Something always needs worked on.


215/365: Polk Street Cruise. Today, we headed to Amarillo to enjoy the Polk Street Cruise. It was a great time!


216/365: Water! We are currently drilling a new well. It’s a very exciting experience.

sm120140803-LP9A7606water217/365: Purple. I just love taking pictures of pretty flowers.


218/365: Fun dude. I was excited when Brantley came and spent the day with me, too. He’s a ton of fun.


I will be back next week with more pictures!

Nurse Loves Farmer

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206/365- 212/365.

Today, I’m back for another fun week of my 365 pictures!

206/365: Summer dinners. I am on a mission to have Colby grill as many dinners as possible this summer. I’m doing a decent job. On this night, it was grilled chicken and squash.


207/365: Ravioli night. Tonight, I made up a new recipe- chicken ravioli using leftover chicken breast. It was quick and delicious.


208/365: Family dinner at the Lake House. When I’m not forcing Colby to grill, I work on my Dad. Tonight, we had hamburgers at the lake with my parents.


209/365: Lake! Today, we spent all afternoon on the water. We actually arrived home at midnight after a long day of fun!


210/365: Fried squash. Apparently, I was really into cooking pictures this week right? Tonight, I pulled out the cast iron skillet and fried up some squash.


211/365: Sixty-nine days post planting. Today, we checked out the corn. It is seriously getting so big. It blows my mind every time I see it.


212/365: Glorious rain! We were excited to receive over an inch of rain on our corn! Awesome!


It’s been a really great week here! What about you?


Nurse Loves Farmer

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Project 2014- Week 24 (Summer time).

This year, I am excited to capture my daily pictures and life using digital project life. Each year, I design scrapbook pages in Photoshop and then print them in a photo book at the end of the year. These photo books are one of my favorite things in the world. It’s fantastic to have my pictures in print, where I can happily flip through them.

Today, I will be sharing week twenty four, which is another typical busy week full of farming and picture editing.

blog-week24Week of: June 9- 15.

What happened this week: Colby worked, I worked and then I made a quick trip to the lake. It was a pretty busy week.


Anything special in this spread: I loved this kit! It had a ton of really pretty cards and everything came together so wonderfully.


Overall thoughts: I’m still really loving this project!

Supplies used: Templates by Traci Reed :: Let’s Chalk About it {months} by Erica Zane :: A Happy Life Bundle by Zoe Pearn  ::: Custom Handwriting Font by Darcy Baldwin.

198/365- 205/365.

198/365: My bored model. One day, my little sister Jamey is going to beg me to take her picture. That day isn’t here yet!


199/365: Laid back Friday. Give us a little time to catch up on our DVR and a little snuggling and we are happy!


 200/365: Checking motors. One of my favorite farm activities is to check motors on the gator. It’s fun stuff.


201/365: Tired Colby. We had a long day on Sunday. We tore out carpet and old trim in our guest room. We will be replacing all the carpet in our house with hardwoods in the next year and I can’t wait!


202/365: Rain watching! On Monday, we got a pretty big rain storm at our house. Unfortunately, it missed the farm and all our corn.


203/365: Hanz! (iPhone 5S Shot). Today, I went with my little sister to pick up her new puppy. Isn’t he cute?


205/365: Hard Day. We did a ton of stuff today, but I forgot to take a picture of any of it. Anyway, this is what Colby looks like after thirteen hours of farm work… This includes the very labor intensive job of breaking down seed boxes. (Yes, notice the Beer can in his hand). Ha. Real life right here.