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Last week, this sweetie pie came to visit me. He’s the easiest baby I’ve ever been around and such a joy.


I am really starting to love my home studio. It’s so nice to be able to capture these little moments!

Happy 1st Birthday, Brantley!!

Today is my adorable nephew Brantley’s first birthday!! I cannot believe the little guy is already one. I captured a few pictures in my home studio of him a couple of weeks ago.


Isn’t he the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Goldie & Yoga.

I have been busy designing and launching a new blog at Live-Laugh-Farm. I want to switch directions and start sharing most of my personal life over there while keeping this space for my clients and absolutely favorite shots. Each week, I’m going to try to post what I consider the stand out pictures of the week that I really love.


This week’s picture features the two clowns of the farm- Goldie & Yoda. These two love each other. It’s pretty cute!

245/365- 254/365.

Hi! I’m  back and FINALLY caught up after a couple weeks of crazy. We are gearing up for harvest (even though it’s over a month away) and things seem so very busy around here. Here’s my pictures:

245/365: I made that! On Labor Day, Colby was busy drilling wheat so we didn’t get to have a fun cook out or go out of town. Instead, I started on a long planned sewing project. This is the very first thing I’ve ever made on my own and I even fixed a tangle in my machine!


246/365: An entire pillow family. Today, I continue my sewing project and made an entire pillow family! I love them! And might be currently shopping for more cute fabric.


247/365: Starting the water on the alfalfa. Today, I went out with my husband and helped him get one of the sprinklers running. Our alfalfa still has one cutting left!


248/365: Falling leaves! This week, our leaves started to fall of the trees. It’s beginning to look (and feel) a lot like fall!


249/365: Hello, rain. Today, we awoke to a slow, steady rain. It continued all day and we received two inches! It was fabulous and so very welcome.


250/365: B-Man. Today, my nephew Brantley came over and we had a little photo session in my studio. I cannot believe he’s almost one!


251/365: Colby. Yep, this is a random shot I took at the end of a fabulous day just to have one. It happens!


252/365: Christmas Crafting. Today, I went into what I like to call “hermit mode” and hid inside my house working on this Christmas stocking. It was nice.


253/365: Dinner Delivery. Tonight, I took Colby dinner out. He’s been super busy drilling this week.


254/365: Filling up. Today, I helped Colby and Travis fill up the tender with seed wheat. When we have two drills running for sixteen hours a day, lots of seed is moved around!


Thanks for stopping by today!!

Nurse Loves Farmer

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Alisha - Wonderful photos this week. Love the backdrop on day 250!

Alyson M - It’s so surreal to see farm life, considering I’ve always been a bit of a city girl. Love this perspective though. And, yay for rain!

231/365- 244/365.

I’m back… Still trying to catch up after yet another week away. The taking of the pictures is never the hard part for me. Instead, I get held up on the editing. Today, I have a LOT of pictures to share though!

231/365: Sleepy dude. Justice is a lazy dog. Period. This is how he spends about twenty hours of his day- knocked out cold.


232/265: Sweeping. Tonight, I brought Colby dinner while he was sweeping and getting the ground ready for drilling.


233/365: Fading Light. Today, I was out in the field once again helping Colby. I love these big Oklahoma skies.


234/365: Weeds. Tonight, I took pictures of weeds; it’s a glamorous life.


235/365: The big mower. In late summer, we have to go around and mow all the nasty weeds between our circles. If not, they die and dry up, turning into horrible tumble weeds. Plus, it looks much nicer when they are all mowed. This week, my father-in-law spent a lot of time mowing the weeds.


236/365: Counting ears. One of the difficult things about farming is that it you have to guess your likely yield and don’t really know what your income will be until after harvest. There are a few ways to estimate just how good your crop is doing. On this evening, Colby and I went around picking ears and counting them to determine our average yield. This circle was making very good.


237/365: Grill all the things! We are still enjoying summer food and I love sending Colby out with dinner for him to grill.


238/365: Taco Night. This poor guy gets to be the model for my pictures way more than he would prefer… especially on days when I’m lazy and forget to get my picture until late.


239/365: Rain! This afternoon, it started to rain. I caught Colby watching it out the window and loved this shot.


240/365: Signs. Today, Colby and I spent some time putting up seed signs after the mowing was done. These signs allow other farmers to see what seed varieties were planted and were they can purchase them.


241/365: On the road! Today, Colby and I made a quick trip to the doctor’s. Unfortunately for us, since we live in the middle of nowhere, that means a lot of driving!


242/365: Drilling.  After the rain, Colby was quite busy drilling winter wheat. I was caught in the field delivering dinner without my camera, so I snapped this i-Phone shot.


243/365: Sun shine dog. Several times a week, I catch Justice like this. It makes me giggle.


244/365: Drilling at dark. We didn’t get to take the Labor Day weekend off. Instead, Colby worked all night and all day bailing hay and drilling wheat. It was a challenge.


I will be back next week with more pictures! Thanks for stopping by!

Nurse Loves Farmer

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Rj and Jessie - Wow, what beautiful photos!

Sarah [] - Awesome photos! Every single one. I never have a problem taking pics either, it’s the editing I get behind on. Looks like OK skies are nice and big like AB skies!

Alisha - FABULOUS photos this week! Love the fading light shot. So pretty

Allison - Love the field pictures! My son is a huge fan of farm machines and he loved these too. 🙂

Meg - Love the sunset one! And the looking out at the rain shot! So nice.