Memories, dreams, and reflections 2010


A Self-Portrait

Honestly, I am proud of myself for surviving 2010. I am notorious for scheduling and putting too much on my plate. I overbooked myself in just about every aspect of my life in the last year.

I accomplished so much. I got engaged, planned a wedding, graduated from college, started my own photography business, and got married. It was the most insane (and rewarding) time of my life.

Let’s hope that 2011 is a little more laid back.

I Love You


Still Laughing…

In Disguise

What can I say? I love my dog and am easily entertained.

Winter Wonderland

Winter at the Farm




Best friends

I Was Inspired…

My Boys

Spring Fever

My pup

Travel or Vacation


Summer Days


A Day In My Life


All Smiles


Autumn Harvest

Dinner time


Sam and Gpa


17/365 Let Freedom Ring

Let’s Do It Again…


I Miss You

J- 2009


Always remember

Dress Up

Clint & Bailey





My Favorite

Best Buds

Don’t Ever Change


Just Because…So There!


Hopes and Dreams


I hope you all have a fabulous 2011.

Becki - Such beautiful photos!

Secret Mom Thoughts - Beautiful photos. I love the Autumn Harvest shot. It is my favorite.

Laura - Your dog is too cute! I love the photos you chose for this – I think your favorite is mine too 🙂

Shannon - Wow! What a busy year! I love your photos. Happy 2011!

kel - LOVE the Autumn Harvest shot!!! absolutely beautiful!

SarahinSC - Spring fever and autumn were my favorites! Great collection of images for sure!

Jill - So many gorgeous shots!!!!


Ashley Sisk - Wow – I’m so glad you joined MDR – your photos this past year are amazing and I’m aching for more. I’ll be following your work from now on. I hope you have an incredible 2011.

Jenn - You have some incredible shots … the jellyfish… the puppy licking the baby… the nutcracker shot… love them all!! 😉 Blessings ~

[email protected] Teacher Turned Mommy - great pictures. it’s fun to look back and see the world through your camera

Kat @ Living Like the Kings - I LOVE these photos! I’m just starting out in the whole photography ordeal and love every moment of it. Any hints or tips – feel free to share!

Ms. Pony - You took a lot of great shots, but I really liked the tone of your autumn harvest shot- amazing!

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My 2011 Resolutions

Hello 2011. I can’t believe that you are already here. The last year has been an amazing journey, full of life changing events. I predict that 2011 will be a year of settling into a new normal, figuring out what the adult Marla wants to do with herself.

Of course, I need to make a few resolutions.


1.) Make lovely and lasting memories with my new husband. He’s my rock and I want to make him know just how much I appreciate him, every single day.

2.) Keep track of our spending and keep receipts organized for the tax lady. Our business records were a total mess this year. I’ve already promised the accountant that I will do better in 2011. Plus, I like to be organized and it drives me crazy to have six months of receipts in my pick-up.

3.) Run a half marathon. I’m going to do the OKC Memorial Marathon on May 1st. Of course, I need to start training at some point. Otherwise, I might be walking an entire half marathon and that would be shameful.


4.) Cultivate and increase my knowledge of my camera. I want to take this gift that God has given me and make it even better. Photography is truly my passion and I want to continue to get better.

5.) Develop a safe system of keeping pictures for my personal records. I want to scan and preserve pictures from the past. I want to maintain and organized record of the thousands of pictures I take now. I want to have back-ups in at least two locations so that I will have copies no matter what. I do not want to ever loose these memories.

6.) Either get a job (with health benefits) or go to graduate school.

7.) Learn the rules to football.


8.) Relax. Enjoy life. Laugh often. Love. Make the best of every single day God blesses me with.

What are some of your goals and plans for 2011?

Secret Mom Thoughts - Great resolutions. Love the shot of your dog.

Road trips, tractors, a puppy, school, and finally a wedding. Oh my.

This is my big, official review of 2010, which was probably the most life-changing, exciting, and amazing year thus far in my existence.

Colby and I started 2010 off with a bang by taking a giant road trip across the Western part of the United States.

Stuck at the Hoover Dam

We rang in the New Year on the Vegas Strip… The crowds were intense and crazy and I smelled marijuana for the first time. I wasn’t impressed.

Las Vegas

We then traveled to Lake Tahoe. I’m going to be completely honest. I was taken aback by the beauty of the lake and absolutely did not want to leave.

If you ever get the chance to visit Lake Tahoe, take it.

Lake Tahoe

The trip became even better when Colby dropped down on his knee, asking me to be his wife.

According to him, I said, “Well, I guess so.” I’m do not remember uttering those words, but I do know I was deliriously happy.

My ring!

(Please ignore my fuzzy hair.)

We returned home where I faced a winter of class and extreme weather. I think it snowed twelve times in February?

White on blue

In late April, we brought home our puppy Justice. The sixteen pound pup would soon charm everyone he met.


He would also take three months to potty train, eat a large amount of grasshoppers, and eventually become very fond of chewing on the DirectTV Remote.

He now weighs 97 pounds.


Memorial Weekend eventually rolled around. Because the weather had finally warmed up, we headed to the lake.

9/365 Ready and Waiting

Wheat harvest soon started.

I was very busy between taking summer class online, watching my baby sister, chasing the puppy around, and cooking food for the entire harvest crew.

In July, I got a new camera and took this picture:

Storm coming in

It happened to be the last day of wheat harvest. I celebrated.

Harvest is hard on me, because I actually enjoy spending time with Colby. He works very long hours during harvest. Working long hours generally means little time for Marla.


I finished summer classes and started more classes for the fall.

I thought it would be a good idea to commute. It wasn’t. I spent four and a half hours on the road twice a week.

A Self-Portrait

In October, I learned how to drive the grain cart. I was a real-life farm hand for a little bit. I was also taking seventeen hours of upper level college classes and taking on about three photo shoots a week.

I honestly don’t remember much from October and November. It’s all a blur.


Corn harvest ended and life slowed down for about twelve hours.

Then wedding planning and term papers took over.


Like I said, it was mostly a blur.


On December 17, I graduated.

And I celebrated some more.

With my sister

Finally, our wedding rolled around.

And I really celebrated then.

2010 was an awesome year full of milestones and achievements. I can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store for me.

The Lumberjack's Wife - What a year!

Hoosier at Heart - Oh my goodness, tht was a crazy year! You looked beautiful in your wedding gown and Justice is just precious! Thanks for coming to visit my blog.

Memories, dreams, and reflections 2010 | Blue Skies Photography - […] accomplished so much. I got engaged, planned a wedding, graduated from college, started my own photography business, and g… It was the most insane (and rewarding) time of my […]



I’ve been editing pictures all. day. long.

I found this really great one from right after my graduation. Colby got me a half dozen roses to celebrate the event. They are wilted now, but this picture will forever remind me of the sweet gesture.

He’s a keeper.

The Lumberjack's Wife - Beautemous!

Hello imaginary internet friends

Welcome to my brand spankin’ new photo blog. I’ve been working on this site since July, but finally got it all set up. It’s looking a little bland around here though, so I figured I better post.

I’m Marla. I’m twenty-two. I just married Colby last week. He’s a good guy.

Here is a little sneak peak of our wedding pictures.

Feel special. These are fresh off the press, limited edition, never been posted to the internet before.


Colby with his Aunt Rita. This is the only picture I have from before the ceremony where he didn’t look like he was in pain. The boy was a little nervous, for some reason.

Sometime about being stuck with me for ever and ever made him uneasy.

I kid, I kid. He likes being married to me.


This is my mother-in-law Pam before the ceremony. She looks like she was directing people… but she’s really so laid-back that I doubt that was happening.


This is one of the only pictures I have at this point that shows much of my dress. Most of the other one’s are just face shots. I <3 my dress, but I really did a doozy to the bottom of it. It’s such a shame, but I think it can be cleaned.


Our reception was ridiculously fun. I’m not usually that cool, but it was actually quite the party. I think this picture might capture just has silly some people where being.

My Uncle Robert actually changed into a cut off and flip flops just to annoy me. Luckily, the professional photographer had already left and I was too happy to care.

Thanks for the pictures, Terry. I’m so glad you could catch these snapshots for me. I was a little busy that day.

I’m off to edit more pictures. I have a ton to share from this exciting (and busy) season.

lucy - Excellent picture of you cutting the cake!
The spontaneous photos are the ones that usually leave a mark!
Uncle Robert looks like he was having a fabulous time! Congratulations!

The Lumberjack's Wife - I can’t wait to see more! Your dress looks pretty and you look so happy!

sherene - the first 4 pics made me ask for more lol. You look perfect in your dress!!

makenzie - more more more!!

just kidding- enjoy married life 🙂