About Marla

Hello and welcome to my photo blog.


My name is Marla Thrall. I have an incredible passion for photography. This blog is where I will share my pictures from my professional and personal life. Pictures are priceless, little moments in time that are captured for eternity. I hope to share the triumphant moments, hard times, and random things that cross across my mind that go along with my pictures.

I picked up a little Canon Rebel in June of 2009 and nothing has been the same since. I carried that camera around day and night, learning as I went along. The next year, I began my first 365 Project. I took pictures every single day for a year. During that time, I experienced a great deal of growth and enjoyed documenting the life of my family. Needless to say, I continued taking that daily picture and am quickly approaching my third anniversary of starting the project.

I am married to my soulmate- Colby. He’s funny, charming, and a wonderful snuggler. Plus, he’s the most hardworking person I know.We live in the Oklahoma panhandle, where he farms and I take pictures. We have two babies- a giant Bullmastiff puppy and a little gray cat.

Settle in for a bit. I hope you enjoy my little place on the internet.