The step-child.

Cricket is the overlooked member of our family. She likes to lurk in the shadows, pretending to be uninterested in our activities.

Unless we dare to walk near our bed. In those cases she slips her paw out from under the bed to scratch our feet. Evil fiesty cat.


At night though, her passion for life shows and she runs around the house, acting like a complete crazy. Cricket enjoys a nocturnal lifestyle, encouraged by her dislike of a certain 100 pound puppy. When she finally tires, she climbs in bed with Colby and I, placing her body across my back. Yes, across my back.


Cricket’s picture rarely appears here. Believe me, it isn’t because she’s the disliked pet who is ignored completely. Instead, she is generally quite opposed to ever having her picture taken.

She sees my camera out and takes off in the other direction. And she’s quick.


It drives me nuts. (Much like her habit of scratching my toes or sleeping on the back of my neck.)

Oh well. Lucky for me, I can be sneaky from time to time and catch a few shots of her.



Sweet Shot Day



Buckeroomama - Cats are quite the independent creatures, aren’t they? Glad that you’re able to get shots of Cricket from time to time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Life with Kaishon - Cricket is beautiful! I wish ours liked to be petted more often! I feel like I have to BEG her when i want to cuddle! She cuddles only when forced…which sort of reminds me of Kaishon and Gary! : )

Tammy Lee - Great captures. My animals run from the camera or try to lick it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Maddy - Love how you can “out sneak” Cricket because these are great pictures !

Ashley Sisk - I can totally relate!

kbreints - Sweet! I miss having cats.

Sue - What a character! I’m glad you caught some shots of her to share with us.


Lucy Romero - My mom’s cat used to sneak attack my toes all the time! Crazy cats!

Susan - What a cute kitty, I love her black nose! My female cat also likes to hide under the bed and grab you. Thankfully she doesnโ€™t use her claws!

Kristy Life n Reflection Photography - these are cute, great processing!

Faith - How sweet! LOVE these kitty pics.

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